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About Us

Our Vision and Goal


Herbs and essential oils have been used for thousands of years to help mankind overcome physical and mental afflictions.

Our goal is to aid in the overall wellness of all those who request our assistance by providing knowledge, support and products that supply the highest therapeutic value possible. 

We carry a variety of certified organic bulk herbs, whole organic herbal tincture and capsule combinations along with certified organic essential oils that are highly effective and helpful in preventing disease, maintaining health, and stimulating the body’s own capacity to heal.  

Experience and Professionalism


Whole Health Connection has been in business for over twenty-four years. We provide a full array of wellness products and materials, along with the knowledge to produce your own items.   

As the owner, Sami Kennedy has been working in the plant field and their bi-products for over forty years. Through TV, radio, field work, lectures, workshops and certified classes, she has trained and shared valuable knowledge most of her life. 

Sami has supported and educated thousands, with an application of knowledge and skill derived from directly working with herbs and essential oils all of her life. 

Whole Health Connection and Sami Kennedy have been able to deliver a quality product, along with help and support to those who have become our friends and customers over the many years we’ve been in business. The dedication and commitment we show to every client will always be a perfect example of our honesty and integrity. 

We Care


Environmental toxins that are ingested from food, air or water can often diminish the body’s ability to maintain good health. Understanding how the body works to maintain internal balance by cleansing, detoxifying and regulating bodily processes is the key to health and wellness.  

Years of experience doing classes and lectures has taught us the value of giving educational material and product to people in the most direct and concise manner possible.

The Natural Essentials, an affiliate of Whole Health Connection, produces online classes, workshops, articles, accredited classes, manuals and books; as well as one on one sessions to provide knowledge to aid in overall wellness.

Some of the classes provided are soap making, the art of using herbs from your gardens and the making of herbal blends for ailments, health and well-being.